What’s Your BEST Employee Value Proposition?

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Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the balance of the rewards and benefits that are received by employees in return for their performance at the workplace. 

Wikipedia is right, but there’s far more to ensuring you have what it takes to attract A-Level talent. Start by asking yourself, “why would I work for me?”  Aside from a regular pay cheque, what are the personal values your company has to offer to the truly great candidates you want to hire.

Money is no longer the calling card it used to be.

It’s no longer about hiring people who are motivated to change jobs because they want or need to make more money, or worse, because they’re peeved at their former employer. Today’s top candidates are looking seriously at their prospective employer’s core values and the employee value proposition.

With this in mind here are a few things to reflect on, maybe even brainstorm with your team, BEFORE writing that career ad or talking to a few hopeful candidates.

If you’re hiring the top person in the top half of the top half – and why wouldn’t you be? – what would that candidate have to do in order to be considered exceptional? – Lou Adler

What projects, accomplishments, activities, processes would you need to see for a candidate to be viewed by you as in the top half of the top half of great candidates?  When interviewing candidates I frequently ask questions like:

  • What project have you accomplished that is similar to what my client needs to get done?
  • Can you tell me about what you feel is the most significant achievement in your last position? How did that impact the company, your position, you personally?

Why would that person want to work for you?

  • Are they going to have an exceptional mentor, be learning significant new skills?
  • Will they be given the scope to have a major impact on the company and/or on their community?
  • How will working for your company enable them to become the person they want to be?

Why are potential employees attracted to you as an employer?

  • Why do your top employees think your company is a great place to work?
  • What do they value most about working there?
  • Why do they stay?

These are the things you’ll want to consideration when creating your EVP, the EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION.

If before you start hiring, you apply thought to these questions and develop the candidate profile you need, your ads will capture the attention of the right great people you’re looking for, and you’ll be having a more meaningful conversation with them right out of the gate.

Bottom line? You save time and money by incorporating a consistent interview process. And that significantly reduces wasted time and advertising costs.


Barbara Ashton is a senior recruitment specialist with over 30 years real-world business experience and hiring know-how.  Contracted by businesses locally and nationwide to recruit A-level talent, Barbara champions sustainable leadership and employment practices.

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