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Kamloops, Kelowna, BC Interior, Okanagan Jobs Your ambitions, goals and challenges are a top priority to us. All inquiries about jobs are handled with your absolute confidentiality assured. Applying for a position in Kamloops, Kelowna or anywhere in the BC Okanagan Interior is as easy as clicking on the job…

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Let employers know that you’re ready to make a difference in their organization. Use our convenient form to provide a cover letter and resume. It’s our aim to ensure that we match your qualifications and aspirations with an employment opportunity that will be lucrative and fulfilling. We will respond within 48…

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Strategies for Finding the Best Candidates Adapt or die is the order of the day. Employees who are keen, willing and able to adapt are in very high demand. Those who can’t or won’t soon wither and die. So too in recruiting. And the way a great recruiter adapts is…

About us

The term “Xilium” is a truncation of the Latin word “auxilium,” which means “assistance” or “aid”.

True to our brand, we are in the business of helping hundreds of companies hire literally thousands of top industry people.

Established in 2016, Xilium Recruiters is headquartered in Kamloops BC, with a legacy of experience as leading members of the team at Ashton & Associates Recruiting.
Xilium Recruiters continues to offer the quality approach you’ve come to count on for meeting your hiring and employment needs in the Okanagan.
We are affiliated with select executive search, leadership development, and human resource and recruiting firms from Ontario west.
Recruiting A-level players for BC Employers of Choice is what we do best. We serve these diverse industry leaders primarily focusing on the BC Okanagan, Interior and Lower Mainland marketplaces.
Building winning teams, and propelling businesses forward to succeed through engaged, long-lasting, high-performance relationships with their employees – this is what we do best.

Barbara Ashton: We all need a good recruiting process.

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