Strategies for Finding the Best Candidates

Adapt or die is the order of the day.

Employees who are keen, willing and able to adapt are in very high demand. Those who can’t or won’t soon wither and die. So too in recruiting. And the way a great recruiter adapts is to continuously develop and improve their tools and processes, moving quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively to find right-fit talent.

Xilium Recruiters leads this industry because we continuously find, design, craft and implement unique talent sourcing, attraction and evaluation methodologies.

“Clients come to us for A-level talent acquisition. Nothing less. We don’t engage in any one single recruiting method. Each hiring situation is unique to the company and the position we’re hiring for.”

Barbara Ashton

Be the First to Know When the Best People Come Available

Just because you’re not looking for an exceptional hire today, that doesn’t mean great people aren’t regularly coming to our attention. Xilium Recruiters goes the extra mile to keep our clients informed of talent whenever somebody exceptional comes available. Passive Candidate Search is possible because we are independent and we are focused on the needs of our clients.

The Best Candidates are Often Passive Candidates

Passive candidate searches fill over 70% of our executive search engagements. Just because someone is not actively looking doesn’t mean they’re not a great candidate for your role. We have the tools and streamlined sourcing and evaluation processes in place to ensure that we are tapping into the full realm of talent that’s out there, not just the ones responding to career ads.

Candidate Sourcing, Networking and Social Recruiting

The sheer volume of professional contacts in our social recruiting networks give us access to hundreds of thousands of candidates locally, nationally and internationally. You’re right, there’s not much unique about that in today’s everybody’s-a-social-connector world. But what is unique is the ‘secret sauce’ we use that gets us a very high volume of quality response rates to our headhunting. Our formula for success lies in the strength of our relationships, getting you the talent you need, when you need it.

We’re industry leaders in social recruiting. We’ve been working with social media for over 15 years and have invested thousands of dollars into recruiting and talent management technologies that enable us to dig far deeper, and access right-fit talent faster and more efficiently. Xilium Recruiters constantly monitors social media building relationships by keeping in touch with candidates’ needs and changes in their careers. And a sharp eye out for the best hires for your company too.