How to Job Search Safely Online

Job Seeker ScamOnline job search has made it convenient for anyone to look for a new job. With the convenience the internet has brought to job search, a breeding ground for fraudulent activity continues to grow each year.

Job seekers are often an easy target for scam artists to access enough information to complete identity theft.

Anyone searching online must consider the dangers of fraud. Here are some important points to consider while you conduct your job search and the emails you may start to get afterwards.

Be wary of invitations

Scammers send out mass emails with the hope of attracting a small few. Be wary of bulk emails from recruiters asking you to complete an online application through a specified link.

Be wary of requests for personal information

Scammers are very good at creating emails that look like the originals. They will use email addresses and branding to induce job seekers to update their details. Always inspect any email asking you to update your information, even if it does look like it is from a trusted source.

Know the policies of the trusted websites you regularly use

By knowing the policies of the trusted websites you use, it will be easier to spot phishing emails. For example, trusted job websites will not ask for your personal banking details or date of birth.

Work with trusted recruitment companies

Even the biggest job search websites cannot control every advertisement placed on their websites. Working with trusted and well known recruitment agencies is highly recommended. Searching online alone can be a very tricky business. Registering with accredited recruitment agencies and executive search firms allows you to access a hidden job market with employers who don’t advertise their career opportunities.

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