2 Excellent Salary Negotiation Scripts for Job Seekers

Negotiating Salary A well rehearsed response is most relevant when the question of salary negotiation comes up. It’s critical that you have dialog at the ready for this pivotal stage of your interview process.

You want to be sure that you memorize your answer to the question that every prospective employer will ask … “What salary are you looking for”?

Here are the two very good salary negotiation scripts…

1)  “I’m glad you brought that up. Money is certainly one part of why I’m here today, but what’s most important to me is this opportunity. If you feel there is a good fit for us to work together, I would love to entertain an attractive offer from you”.

2) “Right now I’m making ______. I am open to a fair and reasonable increase on this”.

Responding well to this question is always one of the most difficult aspects of an interview. It is well worth your time to role play this with friends and family a number of times before your interview. The more time you spend rehearsing your answer to questions around salary negotiation, the more you will come across as a clear and confident communicator.

Here are some Canadian Salary survey resources you may find useful in negotiating your next job or pay increase:

Wow Jobs Salary Survey
Monster Salary Survey
Canada Visa Salary Survey 

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