Why Good People Leave Managers (and what you can do about it)

Why Good People Leave and What You Can Do About It

Ask any successful business owner. Good people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. 

Good people leave managers who:

#1 Micro-manage them,
#2 Exclude them from decision-making, disregarding suggestions and input,
#3 Fail to acknowledge them or share credit for successes,
#4 Are complacent about managing weak performers,
#5 Don’t clearly designate roles, goals and responsibilities.

Whether a multinational conglomerate or corner gas operator, the above are very real behavioral challenges that sink businesses, daily.

Yet these managers often don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong, until it’s too late. Many haven’t received the training and are simply not aware of how important it is to demonstrate appreciation, trust and value to their staff. Nor do they know about the very real costs this imposes on their net earnings by way of decreased morale, high turnover and lackluster productivity.

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your good people, happy:

1) Be very clear about your company’s mission. Then lead by example – demonstrate your commitment to the overall purpose, and to the culture you want to create, through your personal actions and behaviors, both on and off the job.

2) Hire managers who are good managers. Support them to improve their management skills by holding them accountable (to achievable benchmarks).  Have systems, tools and processes in place to review and reward them, often and openly.

3) Have systems in place that enable employees to measure their personal (or at the very least team) contribution to your department or company’s overall success.  Again, review and reward often and openly – this motivates everyone to excel.

Good people don’t quit jobs where they are shown appreciation, trust and respect. And where they are supported and challenged to be the best they can be. No amount of pay, title or industry cache holds a candle to feeling TRUSTED, CHALLENGED, and RECOGNIZED.

About the author

Barbara Ashton is the President of Ashton & Associates and is a senior headhunter serving Kamloops, Kelowna and Southern BC with over 30 years real-world business experience and know-how. She is contracted to recruit A-level talent nation-wide and works with companies who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable leadership practices.
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