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We all know business is business, but when we need people to do our business, it is time to stop, step back, take a big look, think for a moment, and to remember that we are looking for a person.


While you may be extremely competent in your hiring process, even the most experienced HR professionals, hiring managers and recruiters can and do lose sight of the elephant in the interviewing room — the person. And in today’s hiring world, that person is more than likely going to be a GenY hire.

GenY’s Want Technology. Period.

Giving more importance to the fact we are competing for talented GenY candidates to fill positions, keeping in mind “they are a real person”, will put you in a good position to be hiring the best, faster.  

Check out this case study. It’s a drop in the ocean but it clearly shows the importance of hiring “people”.


The employment package extra that doesn’t cost; it earns.

Attractive salary packages and benefits are one thing, but small additions that don’t add to the cost of the employee can make your whole offer so much more valuable.

People are changing jobs for this extra in their benefits package.

Paying for an employee’s full monthly mobile unlimited data and voice package, and allowing them to use their own mobile devices at work, is proving extremely popular with employees around the world. Studies in the USA, UK and Australia has shown that when employees are freely using mobile applications, and collaborating this way with each other, there is a direct increase in productivity.

Surveys of job seekers have clearly shown a generous BYOD – bring your own device – perc is perceived as an important and attractive benefit by job seekers — and it’s really a cost saving and a revenue earner all-in-one for businesses!

These are the facts…

Some of the Immediate and Longer Term Financial Benefits for Companies:

  • Greatly reduced IT investment
  • Increased productivity through 24/7 mobile collaboration.
  • BYOT (Bring Your Own Tablet) has allowed some businesses to reduce the cost of hardware all together. Cloud based applications and a couple of company owned devices create the sum total of the company’s IT net cost.
  • Ability to take IT hardware costs right out of the accounting books in some cases.
  • Greater employee satisfaction and therefore higher employee retention rates.

Some of the Numerous Employee Satisfaction and Productivity Side-Effects:

  • Employees feel empowered because they can do their job the way they want, using a device they like and feel comfortable with. They’re “favourites” are organised in their hand.
  • Employees do extra work outside of the office simply because they can with access to what they need 24/7. Think presentations and closing deals on weekends during pool parties and BBQs.
  • Employees collaborate more when they are connected through social media, corporate social productivity platforms and cloud based applications anywhere they want.

BYOD is making people happier at work while, increasing revenue and profit margins for countless companies.


  • Mobile devices are personal. People are attached and accustomed to mobile device. Their emotional attachment and perception of importance is disproportionately high – this is because people are human and emotionally driven.
  • This is one example highlighting the importance of considering candidates under a whole new light – it’s a drop in the ocean.
  • A hiring process that focus and values that take into account human nature and drivers of satisfaction can defy traditionally accepted boundaries.
  • Traditionally accepted recruitment strategies have been turned upside down – a new hiring process is required.
  • It could be time to review your recruiting process.
  • This is not an article about IT, mobile phones or company profits.

Take an objective look at your organisation from a potential employee’s perspective. Who are you trying to hire and what is really important to them?

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