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Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching will call you to a bigger life, a better game plan and a brilliant, bolder you.


You know the stress of trying to make the best next decision — a decision that will influence every aspect of your significance, your happiness and the difference you want to make.

Let Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching help you …

  • calm the angst and empower you to move wholeheartedly forward into your future
  • quiet the monkey chatter about your abilities, capacity and absence of belonging
  • get past the identity discomfort of who you were and who you are now, without the role and status of your previous title
  • avoid making a job decision based on money alone
  • stop feeling torn between meaningful work and a life that works
  • find solutions to financial quandaries and insecure bottom line
  • face and embrace changes in physical or psychological environments

Who benefits from working with Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching?

  1. Anyone between jobs or simply looking for a bigger, better you in the career choices you’re making.

  2. Individuals who are experiencing any form of loss and pain — are you willing to reach for the win and the gain?

  3. People who have a compelling vision for more.

It will use everything you’ve got and ask for more. It will take your restless vision and demand that your next step involve action that is gutsy, worthy and relevant.  – Lorraine Richmond

You don’t have to be alone navigating this season of change.

Lorraine is the real deal. As a professional, well-trained ICF-credentialed coach, she gets to the real issues quickly. Once there, she asks the tough questions with a graceful elegance that causes you to really focus on the essence of your truth.

Through gentle persistence, she brings out your most relevant insights so you can find clarity. I met with Lorraine twice and each time she was able to help me establish a resourceful state from which creative solutions were seeded. I left Lorraine with a warm feeling of empowerment and a renewed focus on a path of action.

Lorraine Richmond is trained to partner with people just like you.

Lorraine will coach you to where you want to go, and help you get clear about your next decision. Give yourself 90-minutes with Lorraine’s certified coaching where the conversation and agenda is all about gaining clarity and insight about your current status and the power to move forward from here.

A conversation with Lorraine Richmond is far different than talking with a consultant of counselor.

You are a fully-functioning healthy expert on your life; you are capable of getting clear on moving forward and you have what it takes to advance in meaningful ways.

Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching helps you see the blind spots, find clarity, peace and the courage to cross that chicken line and take next action steps – all based on your authentic core values and personal vision.

Your current dissonance is only the middle of your story.  It is not the end.

Here’s the clarity you’ll gain with your first 90 minute conversation with Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching …

  • insight into what is currently unclear
  • faith that you’ll be able to identify and take next bold actions
  • a road map to understanding how to resolve the values conflict
  • the decision whether or not to take 100% personal responsibility and feel back in control
  • possibilities for identifying the win-win-win in your next business, career, leadership or life role
  • take away a one-page strategy blueprint that holds your focus
  • a complimentary follow-up phone call in 4 weeks

Giving yourself this 90 minutes with Lorraine Richmond is like having a rare and golden opportunity to re-evaluate, to get clear about what is meaningful and what matters to you.

It’s your life. Get the guidance you need to make new decisions, one step at a time, to a bigger, better, bolder you.

Ready to get your life soaring? Contact Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching for a QuickStart Clarity package.

Call Certified Coach Lorraine Richmond at 250-808-5654 or use this easy contact form below.

Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching is an authorized alliance partner of Ashton & Associates Recruiting, serving Kamloops, Kelowna, the BC Interior, Okanagan and Lower Mainland, with over 60 years of combined human resources, executive search, and headhunting experience.

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