How to Answer Interview Questions and Land the Job Offer You Deserve

How to Answer Any Interview Question and Land the Job Offer You DeserveTop 3 Reasons Job Seekers Fail at Interview Questions

Reason #1
You can’t articulate yourself and communicate exactly why you’re the perfect fit for the job.

This is a very important point. If you show up for a job interview without any idea about what the company does, you’ll easily end up on the interviewer’s black list.

What’s the solution to this problem? Make sure that you learn what the company does by doing your homework before the scheduled interview. Don’t wait for the interview to ask questions that you could have easily Googled.

Take the time to learn about what the company does, how many people it employs, what its current focus or major projects are. Then find ways to highlight your skills, strengths and experience in line with that.

When answering interview questions, make the most out of the limited time that you’re given to sell yourself by demonstrating the skills that you have—skills that are required for the job.

Don’t be afraid to brag. Talking about your career development and achievements, and explaining why you think you are the right fit for the job is what you are supposed to do when answering interview questions.

Keep in mind that there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence so part of your interview skills needs to include keeping your tone in check. When talking about your achievements, bring up the opinions of other people.

Say something like, “I have a reputation for being able to deliver projects on time and within budget” instead of saying “I am the best project manager my previous employer have ever had”.

Reason #2
You’re unprepared so you can’t give the right answers to tough behavioural questions.

There are only 20 interview questions you need to prepare for and one of the toughest interview question is this – What’s your biggest weakness?

We’ve all heard it but how many know how to answer it in a way that will please your interviewer.

According to the experts, a weakness is the downside to a given strength so you want to recognize this trait and also clearly communicate how you correct it. For example:

Are you a workaholic who has trouble delegating?
Rephrase this to say “I am someone who pushes myself at work to get a lot done. I have found that by stopping myself several times during the day and considering whom I could ask for help teaches me how to delegate better and allows other people to learn my job”.

Attracted to shiny new ways of doing things?
Rephrasing might sound something like “I enjoy finding new ways to solve problems and get things done, but I have learned that sometimes sticking to the tried and proven can be a better way. That I’ve learned to learn from others before me and don’t push for new ways of doing things as much as I used to.”

Do you see how this works by framing your weakness first with your strength?

Another great tool, and my personal favorite, is to use short stories to answer these difficult interview questions. The trick here it to stay on topic, and to be sure you’ve answered the interview questions to the hiring manager’s satisfaction. Sometimes simply saying, “I hope I’ve provided enough insight into that area for you.” will get you the nod of approval.

Reason #3
You’re simply too nervous so you lose control during the interview.

Feeling nervous about being nervous is the very worst. Don’t worry – there is a solution.

Fake it until you make it. Try this to trick your body into making you feel like a champion. Trust me. They really do work.

Strike a Superhero pose– Plant your feet shoulder width apart and put your hands on your hips. Look up and out as though at the horizon.

Do the Rocky Balboa –Plant your feet shoulder width apart, raise your arms in victory pose and lift you head to gaze upwards. This is an instinctual victory pose.

The bottom line here is that it’s all about preparation for the right interview questions. The questions that relate to your past on-the-job behaviours are asked by employers so they can get a better understanding as to how you’ll likely behave on their job site in the future.

It can’t be stated enough. When preparing for your interview questions, take the time to really learn the job description and, if they’re not posted on the job description, do some research into the most common ‘deliverables’ that an employer will expect in the role you are applying for.

Then you can identify your competencies that are most important to the employer and demonstrate (through your success stories) how you are a great fit. Wen you talk with the employer about successes in the past— pull from both your work experience and your personal life.

The main purpose of job interviews to help employers and job seekers learn about one another. Hiring managers typically review a lot of applications and resumes, choosing candidates whose qualifications most closely match the job description.

Bonus Job Seeker Tip : TALK NUMBERS

You can avoid being screened out showing in your cover letter and stated objectives that you have what it takes to rock that job. And nothing demonstrates that better than talking numbers.

Are you applying to a project manager role? Try talking about your ability to assemble teams and resources to deliver on time and on budget.

Sales representative? How much over quota have you consistently achieved?

When you get called for an interview, make sure that you prepare – learn the company and the position and what your strengths are that will make the right impression. Have at least five good success stories prepared to back up your professional experience and use them to add value to your responses to interview questions at every opportunity. Best of luck!

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