Enhancing Your Hiring Process to Attract Talented People

Apply Now Character Stepping on ButtonFinding and hiring talented people is a lot harder than simply expressing the fact that your company values talent. Building a team of talented people in your company requires a pro-active approach to recruitment on many levels.

Sure you have set up a system to dismiss those who are not right for the job, but what are you doing to encourage those who are the type you want to come your way? An open and progressive approach to hiring is required to get the best of the best in your ranks.

Here are some ideas that encourage talent communities rather than focus on a strict recruiting regime.

Promote your employment opportunities like marketers would.

Recruiting is a form of marketing and the potential candidates you draw in are your results. Furthermore, marketing uses as many avenues as possible. Your current clients, suppliers and your employees are those who probably understand your needs the most. Use your community to get network influencers working for you.

Companies that have the best people on the inside, have highly talented people on the outside working for them as well. Building a community of talent beyond the walls of your company is an extremely effective way to have access to the best people when you need them.

Focus on your target market when creating job advertisements.

When traditional job advertisements are necessary, engage people by putting a human voice to your job postings. Too many career ads focus on what the company requires instead of targeting the ideal candidate by telling them what it has to offer in a manner that appeals to them. Define your ideal candidate profile and then talk to them in the language and with the values that will appeal to that ideal fit for your company and the role you’re trying to fill.

You will be actively demonstrating your company culture, your core values, and the value you place on your people. This is what will make your advertisement really stand out from the crowd. Your career ad then becomes an active and integral voice in your marketing strategy.

Humanize and broaden the scope of your recruiting process

The best people out there in the market will not subject themselves to a recruitment process that does not engage them. They know better. They want to know that their aspirations, hopes and dreams will be acknowledged. They want to know your values are in alignment with theirs early on in the hiring process. Engage this top talent and they will lead the way reinforcing and building your company’s values and culture from the inside out.

Do you suffer from ‘Black Hole’ syndrome?

If you’re known as one of the ‘Resume Black Holes’ in your local employment marketplace, things needs to change, quickly. That is if you ever hope to attract top talent. Your recruitment process needs to be hands-on and your people talking authentically with candidates, not just communicating with resumes in a database. Build this new culture of caring by starting with your recruiting process, then spread the word through those around you to ensure your recruitment process is organic, multifaceted and team orientated.

Hire adults and allow them to work like adults.

Administration and bureaucracy bog down operations and limit each employee’s sense of job-ownership. Engaged employees need to have that autonomy. Find ways to increase the latitude for everyone so they can find their most productive groove in their respective roles. Then stand back and allow them to work with as little interference as possible. You may have to use duck tape and sit on your hands but it will be worth it. With the right people in place the results will amaze you.

It’s never about the money.

Studies have shown the satisfaction most people get from doing a good job is more important than the reward. Happy employees send a message to everyone about your organisation, and will be one of your best sales tools for recruiting other great people.

Put your company culture and your core values first every day.

Company values become your culture only when those values are consistently expressed through the actions and decisions of your people. Company culture influences everything. Goals are secondary to company values. Building and growing your team of talented people requires a clear understanding of your company’s core values, screening people on these values during recruitment, and then positively reinforcing those values.

When a person’s talents and values are aligned with the skills and culture of the company they work for, they always perform better and are happier at work.

Barbara Ashton is the President and Founder of Ashton & Associates Recruiting.

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