For Employers: Learn About the Values of Using a Headhunter

Executive Search Consultant Barbara Ashton discusses the very serious benefits gained by employers who use the services of headhunters and independent recruiters.


Ashton & Associates Recruiting Inc. offers experience in selecting great people and presenting the right candidates for your company.

These professional recruiters are skilled at identifying a candidate’s motives, skills, values and overall fit pays huge dividends on a company’s bottom line. That is the value of a good headhunter.

Barbara Ashton: Ashton & Associates Recruiting Inc. headhunts in all occupations and industries to ensure you attract and hire right fit talent, every time.

Here is another testimonial…

We are absolutely thrilled with Gary – in fact the whole team is. He is an amazing communicator and has a real sense of business savvy. He looks after issues and concerns with speed and diligence, he is clear and concise in his message and staff completely respect his word. He is also very respectful of everyone. He works well with our children and is helping to develop their skills too (I am so impressed). They also have stated that they are learning so much from him. I think this industry is challenging enough for him and that the learning curve is steep so it is keeping him very interested in the position. I see a strong relationship here for years to come. Thanks so much for finding him for us!

 — Spencer Dobell, Co-owner, Natures Fare Markets, Kamloops BC
Gary Innis is the amazing candidate hired.

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