Employers and Job Seekers, 8 Powerful LinkedIn Ways to Attract Talent, Jobs and Business

Building Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Talent, Jobs, and Win New Business

LinkedIn builds Know, Like, Trust like no other.

Your LinkedIn profile, done properly, tells others “I’m trustworthy and someone you want to hire, work for, and do business with ”.

It’s been said a kazillion times — online relationships are built on transparency, on being, and showing the world, that we are who we say we are.

Building a strong LinkedIn profile is essential for both job seekers and employers. Job seekers have to get found and so do employers in order to attract right fit talent.

Talented recruiters are looking to build trusting relationships with specific individuals. They view LinkedIn profiles just as they do a resume. There is no difference. Likewise today’s job seekers are hunting down information about potential employers, so the more you show up with all your bells and whistles intact, the more likely you will be to attract that top talent.

LinkedIn is your opportunity to shine.

To be who the person you want to be, the trusted advisor who others will want to do business with, the right-minded employer that the best people will chase hard to work for, and the low maintenance high performing employee that any employer would give their eye teeth to have working for them.

Here are some great tips on building a solid LinkedIn profile for jobs seekers and employers alike.

Don’t however do like some and inflate your accomplishments. You may have former  employers who will dispute your claims but as long as you’re able to back up your story with facts and figures, go for it. It’s your story to tell.

1. Brag.

List your accomplishments for each job you’ve had and highlight those of which you are especially proud (e.g. that mega-sale—one of the company’s biggest).

2. Know yourself.

List your personal qualities— the soft skills (ambition, drive, empathy, tenacity, etc) that have been especially helpful, and that you have demonstrated consistently in advancing each of your employers. This is what distinguishes you as a real person that the right employer will immediately want to approach, and the right employer that great people will want to work for, vs just another LinkedIn profile listing key word qualifications and skills.

3. Set a goal.

Do you know where you want to go? What message are you sending out to the world about where you or your company is headed?  What markets or industries? What other responsibilities do you feel ready to take on?

4. Do your homework.

Know what you need to know about the target market you are trying to reach. Employers, what separate you from the pack of other competing employers? Job seekers, you need to learn everything you can about what employers are looking for in your chosen field. Find out what key words employers are searching on when scouring LinkedIn for possible candidates.

5. Tell a story.

Employers and job seekers alike, cite a few case studies of projects you have completed or special initiatives undertaken. Again this tells the world so much more than a list of credentials.

6. Look right.

Be the professional you want to be — wear appropriate business clothes in your picture. A holiday shot with a lei around your neck does not say I’m serious about putting my best foot forward. If you’re a trades person, why not use a photo of you on the job, maybe even with your hard hat on or a tool in hand? Professionals on LinkedIn can present a low key or high powered image depending on the market and person you are trying to attract.

7. Get recommendations.

What others say and think about you is what adds an irreplaceable tone of affirmation and confidence to your LinkedIn profile. Don’t be shy about asking former colleagues, employers, customers and suppliers on LinkedIn to offer their insight into your personality, work ethic and accomplishments.

8. Update Daily

Spend 15 minutes a day reading headlines and sharing something topical and timely with your growing LinkedIn network of connections. This builds not just credibility, but trusting relationships as well.

Headhunters, employers, existing and prospective customers are all watching and looking for the best match to meet their needs. Putting in that extra effort will make all the difference to you.

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