Disgusting and Common Health Dangers Around the Office

Health Dangers Around the OfficeThe office workplace is not as clean as you may think.

Read this article and you will find out your office may be the place where you pick up the most illnesses.

WARNING: This article contains content you might find a little disturbing.

Here are the top areas in the office to watch out for… But first, put down your cup of coffee!

Coffee cups and the office kitchen.

Bacteria on coffee cups can lead to Hepatitis A and Staph infections. Nasty stuff indeed. And it gets worse. Research shows that more than 50% of coffee cups  have fecal bacteria! To make matter worse, most office refrigerators are only cleaned out once or twice a year. Research by the ADA has shown that you are bombarded by nasty germs from office kitchens — largely a result of dirty cleaning items (dish rags, tea towels, sponges) moving those germs around from sink to counter to table tops … Think about using disposable cups!

Office Air.

Even when air conditioning is cleaned on a regular basis, traditional offices without natural air-flow subject you to a unhealthy stew of airborne bacteria and chemicals. Perfumes and other cosmetics, combined with the air from toilet areas, means you are subject to a bombardment of chemicals and airborne dangers every hour!

Your Desk.

Did you know that your phone, keyboard and the desk in front of you has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? The only solution is regular cleaning of your desk, computer and phone with disinfectant. Suddenly hot-desking with laptops is not such a bad idea!

Your Seat.

Most office chairs are not suitable for long term usage. This is a fact. Many of the new-age chairs don’t support the claims they make. Doctors are warning office workers not to follow modern trends to swap those uncomfortable seats for fitness balls or other new-age exercise chairs because of the dangers of falling off. It seems the standard office chair is still the best option. The only way to ensure your health is to get up and move around on an hourly basis. Sitting for long periods of time is more of the issue.

If you get ill more than once a year, or you have ongoing health problems, it may be time to take a closer look at your office hygiene. If you think these health problems may be related to your workplace environment, make every effort to find the cause and solve the problem. 

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