Growing Pains? Why Hiring Employees Because You Think They Will Work Hard is Not Enough.

Growing painsDon’t get me wrong, hard working employees are critically important to growing a successful business. But that’s not all it takes. 

START hiring people you can build … they will grow your company for you.

Employees with high drive and work ethic want to perform and know they are contributing positively to a team and a company that is in line with their values and goals. But these powerful people will not perform anywhere near their peak if you haven’t first taken the time to ensure you have a meaningful relationship with each and every one of them.

Different strokes for different folks.

Growing people in your team requires that you continuously focus on workplace relationships. Yet this poses a unique set of challenges for every company, as the words team and relationship can have completely different meanings  to employees on a manufacturing shop floor vs those in the C-suite.

But regardless of the seniority level, occupation or industry, building workplace relationships is at the heart of any healthy workplace.

Onboarding with a Difference – Take Steps to Show You Care.

Too many employers treat on-boarding as an orientation for new employees, issuing the prerequisite employee manual of policies and procedures and initiating the new hire as to how routine tasks are to be conducted day to day.

Savvy business owners and managers who encourage an engaging and participative workplace reap enormous benefits – reduced sick time, increased productivity, innovative thinking and strategies to name but a few.

Building a person up starts with knowing what’s important to them.

Try spending time to personally learn about your individual team members. Asking a new hire about, and showing genuine interest in, their personal values, goals and ambitions tells them you really care. Human nature dictates that they will respond by feeling engaged to actively participate in helping your business grow and prosper.

The beauty of steps and processes is that they can be methodically implemented and then tracked.  Here are a few of our suggestions to get you started:  

Your people can feel success.

Acknowledging your people encourages them to continue to work hard for you.Reward employees who meet benchmarks by immediately acknowledging them.  Think about interesting rewards that are of value to them — they don’t need to be costly. Remember, simply saying thank you is incredibly powerful.

When hiring employees think about how you will be building a workplace relationship with them. You will increase efficiency, improve team collaboration and greatly reduce turnover. And that spells good news for your business’s bottom line.

Put people first. Keep meaningful relationships at the top of your list of guiding principles and you will see a noticeable difference on the inside of your company with employees and on the outside with customers .

Barbara Ashton is the President and Founder of Ashton & Associates Recruiting.

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