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We’re not your everyday recruiting firm. We’re pro-active, pro-business headhunters who are impassioned about engaging talent, building strong team-based businesses, and helping our clients to grow and prosper.

Because we are firmly embedded in many of BC’s diverse industries, we know how to reach the top performers you’re looking to hire.

We don’t simply “post and pray”, or rely on sorting through resumes,to find the specialized talent you need. We headhunt. We proactively source, and by that we mean we tap into all of our extensive social media, industry and association networks, to find the right fit all-star candidate that we guarantee you will want to hire.

Building winning teams, propelling businesses forward to succeed through engaged, long-lasting, high performance relationships with their employees – this is what we do best.

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Kamloops BC, Xilium Recruiters is, in every sense of the word, a team. We’re head-hunters, recruiters and human resource consultants headed up by our founder and President, Barbara Ashton.

Xilium consultants have over 60 years of combined business experience, helping hundreds of companies hire literally thousands of top industry people.

The firm has a branch office in Kelowna and we are affiliated with select executive search, leadership development, human resource and recruiting firms from Ontario west.

Recruiting A-level players for BC Employers of Choice is what we do best. We serve these diverse industry leaders primarily focusing on the BC Okanagan, Interior and Lower Mainland marketplaces.

Thousands of Dollars in Added Value

Xilium’s executive search and recruitment services are the best in the industry, not just for the talent we deliver, but we also include a full suite of value-added services.

This includes role analysis, skills profiling to identify the right culture, behaviours and skills for your ideal candidate. We back this up with a full suite of psychometric assessments and skill testing, and then follow through with regular follow-up, onboarding, performance and new hire coaching assistance.

All of this is included in our highly competitive recruitment fee, plus we offer a full spectrum of human resource consulting services,

Custom Human Resource Solutions

Our services don’t end at just finding you the right people. Our team of human resource consultants can provide you with cost-effective human resource solutions, custom-designed to fit your workplace and to ensure your hiring decisions are backed up with the team building, retention and performance management tools you need to maximize productivity.

Guaranteed Results

The team at Xilium Recruiters has over 60 years of combined experience in recruitment, headhunting and human resource solutions.

We back up our recruiting and headhunting services with performance guarantees of six months. During this time we provide regular follow-up and support to ensure you and your new employees are developing a strong and profitable working relationship together.

“It is better to be Alone Than in Bad Company.”

George Washington said it best. “It is better to be alone than in bad company.”

It is Xilium’s mission to ensure that all clients always have access to the fullest spectrum of top available talent, no matter what their hiring needs.

87% of all potential candidates find their positions through their business and personal networks. We are true industry insiders, making it our business to build relationships first, learning and understanding how things work in our clients’ worlds. Because we are tapped into these essential insider networks, where top candidates seek out trusted referrals, we have their ear and their confidence.

These strong personal connections to the best current and future talent mean we are uniquely structured to ensure our clients benefit from everything, and everyone, we have come to know, like and trust.

The defining aspect of our business is our highly consultative approach in meeting the needs of both the employers and the candidates we serve.

We feel it is essential to get to know the culture of a business and the people behind it rather than simply assessing a role on the basis of skill requirements and experience. Likewise learning what makes an exceptional candidate ‘tick’- and determining what environment they will best thrive and prosper in – is, in our world, the approach that best spells long-term success!

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#003391″]Relationships are everything to us at Xilium Recruiters.  We serve Kamloops, Kelowna, the BC Interior, Okanagan and Lower Mainland, bringing you over 25 years hiring experience.

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