Life is too short to be unhappy at work.Yet most people spend decades in careers without ever connecting with their natural born talent.-

Welcome to The Values Blueprint.

A Personal Values Blueprint for Values Driven Leaders

  • Articulate the key drivers that are behind the work you do best.
  • Illustrate how values drive others in your world.
  • Engage more with your co-workers, manager, spouse or customers because you will learn how to speak in their language.

What’s included in The VALUES Blueprint?


STEP 1. The Values Blueprint Assessment

The Personal Values Blueprint Assessment is the first step to uncovering your Unique Success Personality™.  uMIND Technology has developed a an innovative process to get to your natural values preferences in less than 10 minutes, and using fewer questions than you could imagine.

This assessment provides us with the psychometric data to calculate your personal Values Blueprint. Remember there is no right or wrong  – it’s simply a process to uncover your most natural and highest brand value.


STEP 2. Your Personalized Values Blueprint Report

You’ll receive a 23 page report outlining your DNA coded values and how the brain frequencies of your Values Blueprint  are connected to specific human needs.

You’ll also see how misalignment of those frequencies can actually cause your relationship and business problems. You’ll also get critical insights into the natural values of other Values Blueprint profiles, helping you to create win-win relationships in not just your business but with your family and friends as well!


STEP 3. Online Values Blueprint Training

Your 90 minute training is delivered online by ‘The Values Blueprint’ Co-creators, Alan Lewis and Peter Comrie.

Watch the training as many times as you like – and we encourage you to do so! As with any communication tool, the more you learn about yours and others’ drivers and styles of communication, the more impact you will have on increasing your relationship effectiveness with them.


I would like to thank you again for sending me the Values Blueprint Assessment. I really think it helped me for this job interview. It taught me more about myself and the gifts I possess. Job hunting can be a hit on one’s self-esteem so I am very thankful to have people like you who inspired me. – Delanne Reid Young

Your Values Blueprint
 contains the distinct psychological and emotional triggers that drive not only the way you interact with others and make decisions, but also the way you think, the way act, and communicate in all aspects of your business and personal life.




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Millions of Brands, Only 4 Values Profiles Behind Those Brands

From Steve Jobs at Apple to Richard Branson at Virgin, from Jeff Bezos at Amazon to Larry Page at Google … when you look beneath the surface of the world’s most successful companies, you’ll discover a business aligned with the Personal Values of the founding entrepreneur.

Despite there being millions of employees working for millions of businesses, selling millions of products and millions of services, there are only 4 Values profiles – Measurer, Improver, Nurturer and Designer. We call these profiles Your Values Blueprint, and every business owner, employee, and customer has their own unique Values Blueprint.

As you’ll discover in your own Values Blueprint, if you’re using ‘Measurer‘ language to communicate to a ‘Designer’, then you may as well have stayed at home. Using ‘Designer’ language when speaking to a ‘Nurturer’ prospect will feel easier, but just a word in the wrong direction can leave them disengaged, and you without meaningful impact.

How Your Values Blueprint is Assessed

Your Values Blueprint is calculated using the unique uMIND Technology, and integrates the science of psychometrics with leading edge conscious values psychology. 

Leading Edge MIND Tools to Unlock Your Highest Brand Value

“We also know that while we each operate every day from a set of personal core values, most people can’t articulate what theirs are, never mind how they interact with others.”  ~ Peter Comrie, The Values Blueprint co-founder

The Values Blueprint Guarantee

OUR PROMISE:  Take Your Values Blueprint Profile today and apply it to your business for a full 90 days.
If you don’t think it’s had a positive impact on your business after 90 days time, just tell us and we’ll refund your money.  No Questions. No Small Print.

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