Struggling to find the right employees for your company?

You’re not alone.

52% of hirers have decided not to hire anyone at all because they couldn’t find the right fit. Almost half of employers have settled for a candidate who is “just good enough” because finding the perfect candidate took too long. – Workopolis

Finding the right employee to fill a position can be a time-consuming, expensive proposition.

You can spend weeks or even months advertising, interviewing or at job fairs, and still end up with a job left unfilled – or worse – a bad hire. We can help.

At Ashton & Associates we are always recruiting and have insider connections with many of the high demand professionals you’re looking to hire. And we do all the recruiting work for you – sourcing candidates, pre-screening, interviewing and references investigations – so all you have to think about is which of the high qualified right fit candidates is the best fit for your company and the position you’re hiring for.

That means you’re free to spend your time on high value activities such as growing your business.


Let’s face it, finding great talent is challenging on the best of days.

You need to weed through a ton of resumes and respond to dozens upon dozens of voicemails before you even start to get down to the few who may be a fit for your company.

Using our service lets you quickly and cost-effectively get to the candidates that are the right fit for what you’re recruiting for. No more wasted time recruiting and interviewing people who aren’t the right fit for your business or your culture. We’re connected to a vast pool of skilled, reliable and talented professionals and can send you top quality candidates to meet your exact hiring needs. No disruption. No hassle. No problem.

What’s the difference between a great hire and the alternative?

Consider this…

A bad hire is far more costly than just wages you pay and the time you spend replacing that person. Mistakes, lost clients, employee turnover… these are just some of the reasons so many businesses lose money, expenses that you won’t ever see an invoice for!

These are the STAGGERING numbers on how much a single bad hire costs:

  • $840,000 is what a mid-level manager earning $62K per year who is terminated after 2 ½ years costs in direct hiring costs, compensation, disruption, severance and most importantly MISTAKES, FAILURES and MISSED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES
  • 2,700 employers surveyed on bad hires costs with the results report $25,000 to $50,000 is the direct hiring costs of one bad hire — NOT including disruption, mistakes, failures or missed opportunities (published by
  • If you have to terminate an employee making $40,000, count on spending $60,000 just to replace that person. That’s a whopping 150% of the employee’s salary! This includes the cost of your new employee’s training and orientation. Obviously the higher up the wage scale you go, the higher the cost.


That’s not even taking into account how one employee can affect your other employees – who could end up leaving simply because of one bad hire! Let Ashton and Associates take over the recruitment process and see outstanding results.

What sets Ashton & Associates apart from other recruitment services?

We deliver results. We only bring you qualified candidates because of our unique screening process. After over 25 years servicing the needs of employers, we understand exactly what you want when you come to us.

Our proprietary process narrows your ‘to-be-interviewed’ list to only top qualified candidates.

You only spend time with people who WANT to work for you and who have the personality, skills, experience and competencies essential to help your business grow.

Our Recruitment & Human Resource Consulting Services 

  • Executive Search: Specialized recruitment services to find candidates for senior, executive or other specialized positions
  • Recruitment: Attracting, screening and selecting qualified candidates to fill your vacant positions
  • Full-Time and Temporary Staffing: Depending on your current needs for employees
  • HR-2-Go – Human resource consulting solutions custom-tailored to meet your ever-changing business needs
  • Job Profiling: Define roles, tasks, behaviours and performance expectations for new or existing jobs
  • Ideal Candidate Profiling: To ensure values and cultural fit to ensure a smooth and productive transition onto your team
  • Skills Assessment: Hundreds of occupational skill tests to assess candidates for your business needs
  • Psychometric Profiling: Measuring knowledge, competencies, behaviours, attitude and communication traits so you know exactly who you’re hiring, every time.
  • Employment & Criminal Record Investigations: In-depth doesn’t begin to describe our investigations into qualified candidates, before we recommend them for hiring.
  • Foreign Worker Immigration Counselling: Company sponsorship requirements, applications, current requirements.

We guarantee results.

Ashton & Associates Recruiting takes the time to understand your company culture, environment and vision. You get candidates who have the exact experience, skills and abilities you’re seeking. This we guarantee!


Ready to get productivity (and profits) soaring?


Ashton & Associates Recruiting serves Kamloops, Kelowna, the BC Interior, Okanagan and Lower Mainland, bringing you over 60 years of combined human resources, executive search, and headhunting experience.


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