Ideal Candidate Profile Match

The best candidates match your company culture and values.

We put understanding you and the needs of your company first, working together with you to define your Ideal Candidate Profile Match.

Employers do better hiring when they have a clear and concise understanding of their company culture and values before defining ideal candidate competencies and skills.
-Barbara Ashton.


Based on your company’s Cultural Review we’ll map out a comprehensive and holistic ideal candidate profile match based on the following:

  • Values
  • Behaviors
  • Competencies
  • Personality Traits
  • Work Experience
  • Tactical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Work Ethics
  • Personal Values
  • Professional Values
  • Personal Interests


Required Role Analysis and Assessment

We understand you need more than a string of tasks to be done. Outstanding employees are dynamic and do a lot more than perform tasks. Actually, what they do outside of individual tasks, and how they collaborate with your team, is generally more important and leads to better performance inside your company.

These competencies and the way your employees perform and behave are driven by their values.

Therefore we ensure that we understand at the outset a) what the core values of your company are and b) the required values, skills, behaviours and competencies for the position you are filling.

We’ll work with you to understand more than just the job vacancy. We’ll develop an extensive and comprehensive role analysis and assessment including:

  • Tangible tasks assessment
  • Essential skill requirements
  • Intangible influence and capability
  • Preferred personality traits
  • Training and on-boarding orientation
  • Potential for role expansion and/or modification


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