Searching for an Executive Search Firm who knows the BC Interior, Okanagan and Lower Mainland markets?


When other resources can’t deliver the talent you need, call on
Ashton & Associates Recruiting. We’re the experienced Executive Search firm you can turn to for high performance headhunting.

Barbara Ashton, founder and Chief Executive Search Consultant at Ashton & Associates, is widely respected as one of the leading employment agencies of Canada’s recruitment industry. Her team shares in a wealth of talent — business development, human resources, team building, immigration consulting, psychometric assessments, but most of all they are number one employment agency in the region.

“We knew we needed help finding a new Production Manager for our plant in Kamloops. We had been recruiting for six months, nationally and world-wide, for this critical role without results. That’s when we called in Ashton Associates. The Ashton team took over the search process, and within a relatively short period of time, they had not only sourced one outstanding candidate, but a strong number two as well. We found both candidates to be well screened for skills, values, motivation, and overall fit. I highly recommend anyone with a critical role to fill to look to the search professionals at Ashton & Associates.”

– Eric Isenor, Plant Manager, Lafarge Canada

We are the executive search firm that delivers
the talent your company needs.
Ashton & Associates Recruiting
the BC executive search firm employers know, like and trust.

Employment and Social Development Canada made it very clear to the whole nation that the BC Interior and BC Okanagan regions have the fastest growing economies delivering increased exports, and crucially, the regions had the highest employment growth in Canada over 2013. This is expected to increase further over 2014. You need skilled and trustworthy people to grow your business.

Employment growth rates for the BC Interior region defy un-employment trends across the rest of the nation.
(source: Employment and Social Development Canada January 2014)

[typography font=”Open Sans” size=”18″ size_format=”px”]Put the Ashton & Associates team of headhunters at the top of your A-list of executive search firms.
Ashton & Associates Recruiting with offices in Kamloops and Kelowna
serving the BC Okanagan Interior region.

Select executive search affiliates throughout Vancouver and Western Canada
for all your hiring needs.


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