Assessing Your Corporate Culture

Your company’s culture is it’s personality. It’s not something anyone can physically see, but customers and employees alike can all feel and sense it.

Your company’s culture is a result of the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of all your employees and stakeholders. It’s the melding of shared experiences and activities that result more or less in a set of unspoken rules for working together.


Culture is primarily influenced by the founders’ values.

Therefore the clearer that person is about their core values – whether it be social awareness, fair play, creativity, freedom, service to others, etc – when launching and building their business, then those values will be what define and give life to the organization.


Values, clearly defined, will echo through all your company’s processes.

Strategic planning, decision-making, hiring, employee, vendor and customer relationships … your company’s values underpin the guiding principles in all your business affairs. 

Therefore when your leadership team is in agreement, and acting in alignment with the company’s vision, mission and values/guiding principles, and when that can be articulated clearly and concisely, you will find it far easier to identify right fit hires — high potential A-level talent with the right set of values, behaviors and competencies that will enable them to flourish in your company.


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