Working with Ashton & Associates means hiring outstanding talent, for even the most challenging positions.

Over the last 30 years Barbara Ashton has built her reputation as a focused Executive Search and Recruitment professional, helping hundreds of BC industry leaders hire employees who thrive, prosper and build bottom line.

Our values and guiding principles are what drive Ashton & Associates Recruiting to help you hire right, every time. Our proven ACE Candidate System offers results you can count on. Our passion for helping business owners and executives create positive employment outcomes means your hiring needs are well taken care of.

“First Who, Then What…
it’s about getting the right people on the bus…
and the wrong people off!”
– Jim Collins, Good to Great

 What more clients are saying about Barbara Ashton and her team.

“I started working with Barbara several years ago and have never looked back.  The team at Ashton & Associates has helped me to hire expert machinists and a wonderful sales manager.  They work closely with me to ensure that whoever I hire is a good long term fit with my company’s vaues and team, and has the skills and attitude to help me to build my business. They have a very thorough screening and post-hire follow-up process which makes me feel 100% confident that my best interests are a top priority every step of the way.”
Amir Moghadamfard, Owner – Aptech Precision Machining

“We knew we needed help finding a new Production Manager for our plant in Kamloops. We had been recruiting for six months, nationally and world-wide, for this critical role without results. That’s when we called in Ashton Associates.The Ashton team took over the search process, and within a relatively short period of time, they had not only sourced one outstanding candidate, but a strong number two as well. We found both candidates to be well screened for skills, values, motivation, and overall fit.I highly recommend anyone with a critical role to fill to look to the search professionals at Ashton & Associates.”
Eric Isenor, Plant Manager – Lafarge Canada

“We are absolutely thrilled with Gary – in fact the whole team is. He is an amazing communicator and has a real sense of business savvy.He looks after issues and concerns with speed and diligence, he is clear and concise in his message and staff completely respect his word. He is also very respectful of everyone. He works well with our children and is helping to develop their skills too (I am so impressed). They also have stated that they are learning so much from him.I think this industry is challenging enough for him and that the learning curve is steep so it is keeping him very interested in the position.I see a strong relationship here for years to come. Thanks so much for finding him for us!
Spencer Dobell, Co-owner – Nature’s Fare

“Barbara makes the effort to get to know her clients and their business goals, so the people she matches up to jobs are always a good fit. She’s energetic, motivated, and works hard for both the client and the jobseeker.”
Janie Chang

“So, you must find and hire new people, and you certainly need the assistance of a seasoned recruiter. Here’s where you start, and finish! Barbara Ashton is the consummate professional recruiter, and one who doesn’t pull any punches.Employers, and her recruits equally rave about their experience in her hands, and her delivery on the stated hiring goals and objectives. She’s always at the top of her game, and genuinely cares about the well-being of all whom she comes into contact with.Whether you’re an employer who already uses recruiters, or you’re new to using these essential business services, she should be on the front of your contact list. Barbara is definitely at the top of my list as someone you should be connected with. You’ll be happy you are.”
Peter Comrie – Full Spectrum Leadership

“I have often referred clients to Barbara for recruitment because she works very hard at finding the right client for the job.”
Kelly Auld

“Barbara, has gotten the job done for us, she does her research on the qualifications needed, keeps in constant contact with us and always puts what is best for us first and for most.”
Mike Schreiner, Co-Owner Smith Chevrolet

“Barbara has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment space and brings a new level of integrity and communication to her clients. Bringing Barbara aboard as a consultant can save months of pay and finding out your investment into an employee needs to be started all over.”
Tim Senger, Sales Manager, Lyons Landscaping

“Barbara is a go getter and knows her stuff! I am really impressed with her professional attitude and her knowledge of many industries… I have found Barbara very open and accessible for inquiries and advice and I know that many companies and organizations have saved themselves funds and frustration by getting Barbara on board to find the right employee every time!”
Tara Holmes, CFJC TV


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