Custom Solutions in Human Resources

Say good-bye to unproductive hiring processes and costly recruitment mistakes.
  • Streamline your hiring processes
  • Speed up your recruiting and increase your new hire retention
  • Power up productivity with team building & leadership training
  • Eliminate unnecessary turnover
  • Build your employer brand and company culture

Welcome to HR-2-GO … Performance based hiring and talent management that works as hard as you do.

  • You may be the owner/president of a company. You know you need HR help but you’re just not ready to have a full-time Human Resources person on staff.
  • You need help with recruiting and recurring “people issues” that are sapping productivity.
  • You can’t find the time or you don’t have the knowledge to devote to HR issues.
  • It’s time to get structured HR processes in place and you need real-world tools and resources custom-tailored to your unique workplace environment.

We know that Human Resource management can be very expensive for growing companies. At Ashton & Associates we’ve made it easier for companies to meet all their human resource needs, quickly and cost-effectively.

We’ve created cost-effective human resource modules that you deploy and integrate — when and as you need them — for maximum impact on your company’s operations.

This is certainly much more cost-effective for your company than hiring a full time human resources manager. Our expert HR professionals will work with you to ensure your company is getting new people on board the right way.

Tailored Human Resources programs

Employee Sourcing, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

New Employee Onboarding
  • Orientation Processes
  • Employee Policy Handbook
  • Job Profiling including Behavioural & Skills Analysis
  • Performance Benchmarking including 30-60-90 Day Review Processes
  • Follow­ Up. Follow­ Up. Follow­ Up.
  • Confidential employee feedback
Training & Development
  • Skills Assessment
  • Identifying new opportunities for training
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Team Building Workshops
Employee Relations
  • Employee Rewards – Custom Design & Process Implementation
  • Disciplinary Processes – Custom Design & Process Implementation
  • Team & leadership Communication Processes
  • Employee Engagement & Longevity Recognition
Performance Management
  • Company > Departmental > Employee Goals
  • Current Assessment
  • New Performance Management Program Roadmap
  • Define Measurement Factors for KPI’s
  • Accountability & Feedback Processes
Reducing Turnover
  • Identify to Minimize Cause
  • Exit interviews & Employee Feedback
  • Terminations – Process, Letters, Sign­offs
  • Employee Engagement Satisfaction

Ready to get productivity (and profits) soaring?

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