How Recruitment Works

Recruitment is all about asking the right questions.

When meeting with clients we ask so many questions that I usually warn them at the outset .. they may start to feel like they’re in a scene from CSI.Barbara Ashton

Questions are how we learn about your company’s culture, the team’s dynamics, what makes things tick and flow, and the qualities that generally make someone a right fit.

  • What are your company’s core values?
  • What three words would someone outside your company use to describe your culture?
  • How about somebody inside your company?
  • Why is this position open?
  • If it’s a replacement, why?
  • What are the three essential qualities you expect to see in a top candidate?
  • What other expectations do you bring to the table when you evaluate candidates?
  • What qualities are essential to someone’s success in your organization?
  • What are the deliverables and performance benchmarks during the onboarding and probationary period?
  • What is your recruitment process?
  • Who’s involved in interviewing?
  • Who makes the final decision?

Creating Your Ideal Candidate Profile

  • A well thought-out job description will help you to align your team and the skills that are essential vs desirable in this role. It also helps to gain insight into how existing roles may change with your new hire.
  • Then we develop the ideal candidate profiles and work together with you to ensure all options are explored for candidate fit, including shared priorities and values.
  • Preferred experience, behaviours, competencies, career interests, lifestyle and values are explored to optimize someone’s success in your organization

Sourcing Your Next Great Hire

Statistics show that only 25% of the workforce is ever ‘actively’ looking at any one time. Then there are the 75% of the workforce whom we call ‘passive’, not actively looking, but for the right opportunity are open to having that potentially life-changing conversation with us.

Our clients come to us because they’ve already done all the advertising and networking, yet still can’t find the talent they need. They call us for our ability to connect them to select top level professionals.

Our process is 100% collaborative. Our consultants manage every aspect of the executive search and recruitment process, providing distinctly personal service and direct accountability. Every client gains from the expertise and market reach of all of our consultants.

  • We prepare a list of target companies and prospective candidates and review this with you
  • Social media career advertising is developed specifically targeting your ideal candidate profile
  • Comprehensive sourcing and screening is personally conducted with each short-listed candidate

Screening & Evaluating

On the ground floor we learn about the desired on-the-job outcomes, culture and values, to pinpoint the exact competencies, personality traits and behaviours sought for the new hire.

We start with an initial concept-of-job extrapolating this into short and long-term performance benchmarks, competencies and skill requirements.

We work with the hiring managers to hone the interview and selection process, and follow up closely during the onboarding period to ensure a smooth transition is under way.

In many cases, our client’s walk away from a hiring experience with much more than a great new employee. We provide ongoing tools, techniques and educational resources to improve hiring skills and leadership best practices that they continue to use for years to come.

  • Thorough interviews are conducted with every potential candidate to assess right fit in terms of values, drive, ambition, tactical skills, accomplishments and behavioural competencies
  • Those candidates who meet the screening criteria are then introduced to you, with our interview notes highlighting their strengths for overall job fit, as well as areas for development

Deeper Assessment

  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Personality Profiling
  • Documented Employment References
  • RCMP Criminal Record Search & Drivers Abstract
But it doesn’t end here…

Thorough follow-up makes the difference between a good candidate and a great hire. Ashton & Associates excels at recruitment follow-up .

Our job doesn’t stop when you make the hiring decision. The first six months with your new hire is the critical make it or break it zone.  An integral part of our recruitment process is followup, touching base with both you and your new hire to ensure they are onboarding smoothly and productively into their new role with you and your company.

Whether you need a short-term temporary hire or new C-suite talent, our recruitment methodology is custom tailored to meet you exact hiring needs.  Regardless of your level of hiring, Ashton & Associates uses a proven, systematic approach to high performance professional recruitment, every time.


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